Good to the Last Drop: A Review

I can sum this review up in very few words:

Declan Finn does it again.

And that’s a compliment, trust me.

Good to the Last Drop is the final book in his vampire thriller series, with good vampires who make sense, great romance, and Vatican ninjas.  I’ll give it a spoiler-free review here.

If you thought the other books in the series were full of great fight scenes and characters, hold on to your hats, because this one is the best yet.

The fight scenes are a lot of fun, well done, and intense.  The characters are still convincing, compelling, and occasionally hilarious, in an understated, New-Yorker kind of way.  Marco and Amanda are full of their various faults, but loveable for them.

My favorite aspect about Amanda?  How many times can you watch a TV show or read a book with a “tough girl” who isn’t automatically an evil, catty, bitch?

I know.  Except Amanda is a total badass, and yet isn’t the kind of girl you’d like to do this to:

That alone makes this worth reading.  It’s so refreshing.  She can be both a badass, and an actual feminine woman.

Hard to believe, I know.  And yet, Declan pulled it off.

Other than that rare feat of talented writing, the best part of this book is the way he managed to tie in the worldbuilding and the plot in a perfect end-of-the-series sendoff.  Without any spoilers, let’s just say that the idea of a good vampire that makes sense pays off magnificently at the end.  There’s a perfect juxtaposition of downright, pure evil on the one side, and rare, beautiful goodness on the other.

All right, fine, no spoilers.  But really, it’s great.

About my only complaint is more of a personal preference of mine, and not a real blight on the story.  The various make-out scenes between Amanda and Marco are a trifle too detailed for my taste, but again, that’s just me, and not something that automatically makes it bad or unreadable.  It’s always nice to have two good Catholics in love with each other; they’re not going to stray into X-rated territory.

So, once again, I’ll give Good to the Last Drop a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars.  Go to Amazon and check out the whole series.  You won’t regret it.

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