Quick Monday Update

Just to let people know, Phoenix has now been unpublished from Amazon, so that it can be picked up by Tuscany Bay Books here in the near future.

If you recommended it to a friend (which I’m sure you all did, right?), and they go out looking to find it, it’s going to be gone, but it will return shortly.

In other news, this is a short commentary on the evils of Daylight Savings Time:

I’ve never met anyone who thought it was a good idea. Even when I lived in upstate New York, and it would get dark at 4pm if you didn’t have DST, everybody still hated it.

I hate it even more now that I have kids.

But, someone in the church choir told me why almost none of the states opt out of it (like Arizona and half of Indiana). I’ve written my state representatives and senators multiple times, trying to tell them please, for the love of all that is good and holy, please put a stop to this. Either get the legislature to vote on it, or put it on a ballot for the Texans to do it themselves. I have happy dreams of how big a percentage of voters would kill DST, because in Texas, if something passes by a margin of more than 80%, it takes effect immediately.

But no. They won’t do it. Know why?

Because if they do, the jerks in Washington DC will cut off all federal funding for highway maintenance for the state in question.

Because somehow, those two things make sense.

I’m about go full Rohan on DST. Anybody want to join in?

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