The Writer Dojo: A Review

How to get things done with a colicky baby, and a two-year-old:

Yeah, I really have no clue. So, while Munchkin is asleep, and Rascal has finally let me put him down without crying his head off, here’s a quick review of a very nice podcast: the Writer Dojo, featuring Larry Correia and Steve Diamond.

I’m not much of a podcast person. I usually prefer to read my news, reviews, commentary, etc., but this one is the exception.

Larry and Steve have a great concept for the podcast: how to write and make money doing it. It’s not like the artsy-fartsy crap that you get from so-called “experts” in writing. They were both accountants in a previous career, and they know what they’re talking about. They want you to do what you love (writing) and also make money doing it.

These guys obviously love what they do, and they’re trying to help you do it right. They are easy to listen to (they’re having fun doing the podcast, you can tell), and the information is great.

Best part? It isn’t politically correct garbage, either.

Another good point: the podcast episodes are short, you can listen to them whenever you have a free minute . . . like between baby screaming fits or in the car on your way to your mom’s to get baby help.


It’s a good time, and valuable information. It’s available on a lot of different platforms, like Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and even Rumble and YouTube.

Find the details here, and enjoy a good half-hour of actual writing advice, free of anything artsy-fartsy.

And as a bonus, just because I’m sleep-deprived and cranky: the new WordPress interface?

I hope they have auto-bots looking for commentary. Because the last thing I need while trying to type AND hold a screaming, cranky baby (who, incidentally, put a massive deposit into his diaper right at that inopportune moment), is screwing around trying to figure out HOW TO TYPE BELOW THE GIF I JUST ADDED.

I am Mom. And I am Not Happy, WordPress. Not happy.

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