A Song That’s Perfect for Phoenix

The story behind how I found this song is a little involved, so here’s the short version:

No, I’ve never played League of Legends.  I’d barely even heard of it until yesterday.  My husband was playing some YouTube music videos to try and get the baby to calm down (he likes a lot of Miracle of Sound), and he found several from League of Legends almost by accident.  He showed me a few, and then he came into the living room later with this look on his face like he’d just found the Holy Grail or something.

“You have got to listen to this one.”

And he played “Phoenix” for me.

He was right; it might as well have been written for the book.  It applies to at least three characters, possibly more, but I’ll leave that to you.

Even if you’re like me, and you don’t know a thing about League of Legends, the song is wonderful.  Have a listen.

Especially because this has nothing to do with the world falling apart, which is nice.

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