Print Copy Is Now Live!

Oh, frabjous day, the print copy FINALLY went through!


Phoenix is now available in BOTH Kindle and Paperback!

It took several tries–felt more like a dozen–but it’s there.


There are a couple glitches left–not sure why the blank lines I had in the book description didn’t take; I only corrected that about eighteen times before I hit the button, and it worked on the Kindle copy, but okay, Amazon.  Whatever.  But it’s there.

EDIT: Apparently, the two editions are not linked.  People can find the Kindle, but not the print copy.  I’m working on making sure they are both visible, contacting support and so on.  Sorry for the glitch (they’re listed as the SAME BOOK on the KDP dashboard and everything; no idea how it got screwed up, but . . .), hopefully I’ll have it straightened out soon.

Remember to buy a copy and tell your friends!  Police procedural in space.

Stay tuned in the next few days for some more treats, including a fan-art picture of David Carter!

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