Live and Let Bite: A Review

It’s been a while since I posted, I know, but here’s another review for you.  A while ago, I reviewed Declan Finn’s Murphy’s Law of Vampires, and now here’s a review for book three, Live and Let Bite.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it spoiler-free.  I wouldn’t dream of ruining it for you.

Everything I said about the first two books remains true: if you like good vs. evil stories, where the good guys kick bad guy butt in a stylish fashion, and if you like supernatural stories, and (in this case), where “good” vampires actually make sense, you’ll love this series.  As of book three, it’s just getting better as it goes.  I’m not thinking “oh, this started great and now I’m starting to fall off the bandwagon,” like I did with the I Am Margaret series.  This one is still going strong, and I can’t wait for more.

The title of the first chapter says it all: Love Bites.  Amanda and Marco are having a bit of a problem, but fortunately for the plot, it’s not all angst-y teenage romance drama BS.  The conflict between the two of them is written quite well: just enough tension to create a nice plot, but not too much (like the kind that makes you stare and just go “GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!” *cough cough* Castle).  And all the while, that romance plot line is embedded in a great monster-killing story.

The crew established in the previous book is basically out on “vampire control duties,” except that Marco is off on his own in California.  There’s a really nice over-arching plot that reminds me of an old mob vs. cop story, and I love those.  Only this time, it’s for much longer, larger stakes than the Godfather ever even considered.  Plus, there’s the government agent angle as well.

Nope, not being any more specific.

Merlin Kraft is in this one a lot more, and I like him.  Just as a sample for you:

Crud, vampire.  Damn it to hell.  Welcome to Christmas in freaking Afghanistan.  If anyone ever tries to drag me to a beach ever again after this, I will personally start breaking things.

Throw him and Marco together, add a couple lycanthropes, and all the running commentary on, as Bruce Willis said so eloquently, “F&$@ing California,” and it’s a recipe for a good time.

Marco is a lot angrier in this one than the other two, but again, it’s for a good reason, and isn’t over-the-top angst.  It’s just plain anger; there’s a difference.  As I said, it’s not fluffy, sticky-sweet teenage BS.  My favorite line of his?  Well, one of my favorites:

God save me from perky people.  In fact, just shoot me right now.

Oh, and don’t forget that something is out to get Marco, and then throw in the Vatican ninjas, and it’s one of those books you can’t put down.  In all honesty, I did read it right after — as in, freaking immediately — after I read book two.  It was just the review I forgot to do, until Declan politely reminded me.

But, still.

Seriously, go buy the book.  It’s more than fun.  I’ll give this one another 4.9 out of 5, and that minor point off the full five is just because some descriptions are a touch risque.  I’d call it a heavy PG-13, but not R rating in that sense.

But still.  Go read.  You’ll enjoy the heck out of it.

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