Links to Lori’s Other Geeky Works

It’s a bit strange to be trying to manage a blog by myself–my only previous experience has been as a contributor to The Catholic Geeks, and all I ever had to do was write up a post and hit “publish” to take care of that. 🙂  Now that I’ve managed to navigate my way through WordPress’s wacky site and get some real content on this page . . .


. . . it’s time to share some of my old work with you.

I won’t just copy-and-paste my favorite blog posts over here; that would be cheating.  But I can give you a list of links to my favorites over at The Catholic Geeks.  So take a look!

For Lori’s opinion on the Liturgy:

The Liturgy Wars: Sacred Music

The Nastiness of the Obligatory Pre-Mass Rosary, and Other Problems

The Liturgy Wars: It’s Not About You

For some reviews:

Babylon 5

Honor At Stake

Classic Reviews: Forbidden Planet

On writing:

The Duties of a Catholic Author

Saturday’s Children: Grand Prize Winner

The Dangers of Changing the Dictionary

And, last but not least, some fisks:

Michelangelo Was Not a Secret Feminist: An Artistic Fisk

Daredevil Isn’t Catholic Enough: A Superhero Fisk

There Is No Such Thing as Universal Literature: A Shakespearean Fisk

Hope you enjoy these!  And check back soon for more (original) posts!

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